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How to Have Sex with a Sex Doll?

sex doll is a kind of sex toy shaped like a human being, mainly used for masturbation by men. It has a full-body, comprising of the various body parts and a very human-like face, vagina, anus, or penis. These days, you can personalize your sex dolls as per your requirements. Customizing your sex toy will certainly help you derive more satisfaction and pleasure, giving you a better orgasm. 


Generally, men remain clueless regarding the usage of sex toys for Men masturbation. Sometimes, they feel awkward to ask their queries, though there’s nothing awkward in it. If it’s your first time, read the following steps to know how to derive pleasure from a sex doll


Apply the right amount of lubricant  


Those who are trying sex with a sex doll for the first time, it’s advisable to use a lubricant, so that you don’t end up harming your skin and causing bruises to intimate spots. Before penetrating your penis into the vagina, always remember to use a lubricant. 


Kiss and touch your sex doll sexually 


The feeling you get from kissing a sex doll is extremely real and comfortable. The face is soft, giving it an exact humanly touch. You can even out your tongue inside the doll’s to kiss deeper. Sex dolls have really soft skin, nipples, and breasts which are round and human-like. 


Have vaginal sex 


Most men prefer vaginal sex with their sex dolls. The vaginas of these dolls are kept soft and give you a realistic sensation upon touching. It would give you the same feeling as the skin of a woman would provide you with. The touch is so real, you might not even be able to differentiate between a love doll and a woman’s vagina when blindfolded. People sometimes think if it’s alright to ejaculate inside their sex dolls. It’s absolutely normal. However, remember to clean the vagina and the anus of the sex doll especially, after you are done. 


If you are only after the pleasure, you can easily derive it using these realistic sex dolls. Even if you don’t have a partner, you can have an exciting sex life. Don’t delay and check out some amazing collection of sex toys and dolls online. 


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