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Top Five Tips for Healthy Men Masturbation

Undeniably, masturbation relieves stress and relaxes your body and mind. Masturbation using a real sex doll is a healthy way to arouse your senses and enjoy the process alone. It provides you with night sleep and releases your built-up sexual desires if any. Needless to say, it’s more fun. We have provided with the best tips to Keep in mind if you wish to derive the best sexual pleasure.

  • · Set the right ambiance 

Men masturbation doesn’t always have to be done, quickly inside the washroom. You can prepare the right mood by turning off the lights, slowly teasing yourself, watching intimate videos. Try relaxing your mind as much as possible.

  • · Switch positions 

To add spice and excitement to the process, you can try out different postures.

Experimenting with various poses might give you better pleasure. If you have been doing it lying down, try sitting on a chair or bed and doing. Various positions provide you with various sensations, which means more satisfaction.

  • · Take your time

Take the process slowly, unless you are too much sexually aroused. Feel yourself, slowing relaxing your mind. Do what makes you feel good. Touch yourself sexually. You can experiment with various toys, hands, positions, strokes and so much more while you do it alone. Try out various things to know what turns you on. Only then would you be able to feel the pleasure of masturbating.

  • · Touch other erogenous zones sexually 

Are you willing to experience a full-body sensational climax? You can even explore your erogenous body places. Play with your nipples, ears, mouth, lips, neck, let your whole body feel sparks of pleasure. Also, you can pull, squeeze, pinch, tug at these erogenous zones of your body to derive orgasm.

  • · Arouse the prostrate too 

If you still haven’t touched your prostrate sexually, now is the time to do. Start rubbing your fingers outside and then inside your anal opening. Insert your fingers deeper into to massage your prostate. Gradually increase the motion as your sexual pleasure keeps rising.

If you are new to masturbating, it’s completely alright. The tips that we have provided above would help you while masturbating. Whatever you do, you must feel comfortable to enjoy the process.

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