153cm Sporty Big Hips Big Breast European Adult Model Sex Doll
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153cm Sporty Big Hips Big Breast European Adult Model Sex Doll


(7 customer reviews)


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About me

When I was growing up, everybody thought it was so clever to call me “little buddy,” or swat me with a hat. I even had friends who started wearing hats, only to swat me with them. Well, now I’m all grown up, and I don’t have that skinny little girl’s body anymore. And I’m certainly not lost on a deserted isle. No – I’m not working on building a submarine out of coconuts. When I first told you my name, you only said “that’s beautiful,” and you meant it. You passed my pun test by resisting. Now for your reward! I’m your present, unwrap me and have fun! I know you’ll like your gift; I’m a high-quality TPE sex doll, and I’ve been designed by the horniest sculptors in the world. I’m built to please you from the ground up. My body is soft and inviting. You can squeeze and hug me all over. I feel amazing! I have every naughty private part a real woman has, and I’m dying to have you explore every one! My internal skeleton allows you to put me into all kinds of depraved positions. I’m ready for you whenever you want. Now let’s get to it! I actually need to gather bamboo later for a coconut-based project I’m working on.


Skin material: TPE
Inside: silicone with a metal skeleton
breast: 92CM
waist: 50CM
hips: 88CM
vagina depth:18CM 
ass depth:17CM
mouth depth:13CM

3 Entries Of Penetration:
• Oral sex
• Vaginal sex
• Anal sex

Package includes:
1* Sex Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes(Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot 

Why our dolls are special?
A great deal of our research and development goes into designing our dolls to make it possible to enjoy both realistic beauty and great sex. Our love dolls are equipped with real-life simulation design and a really beautiful artistic design is what we are all about.

Guarantee: You will get 100% same as below picture dolls.




7 reviews for 153cm Sporty Big Hips Big Breast European Adult Model Sex Doll

  1. Cary S.

    I opted for a TPE body, which was so unexpected. This head, in particular, is not inferior to the top silicone brands at all: skin, makeup, delicate and perfect. I hope someone knows about this.
    This shopping is perfect for me. Purchased such a satisfied doll, met Minna and got a lot of help.
    Thanks ZLDOLL, I will be back again.

  2. Kaidence

    This was a great first purchase for a doll. I have never had one before, but this came exactly as described and functionally works like it should. Customer service has been great.

  3. LT+AT

    Me and my wife both have tons of adult toys and we are always very satisfied with the tantaly brand toys, time and time again they never fail to impress us, the quality of is very good, has lifelike skin feel to it and when using the item it feels great! ,it feels great and the toy is nice and firm and isnt floppy when moving around thanks to a hard brace thats made inside the toy! 5 star and the thumbs up rating from me, a must buy very worth the money!

  4. Philip

    Exactly what I ordered. Fast delivery. Good quality.

  5. Malcom

    Great doll, very well made. I do not regret my decision !

  6. York

    I purchased this about 3 months ago, the feel and look is so realistic. Everytime I use it I can’t get over how awesome it feels. The weight is perfect, and both openings are firm and tight after mutliple uses. Best part is she never has a headache or says “no”.

  7. Adam

    Just got her last night, and wow, she is too awesome and so damn cute, love it

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