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How to repair a sex doll?

If the doll’s skin tear or broken, please contact us by email, and we will help with the repair.

We have the repair kits for free, but sorry that there is no shipping company that can take liquid from China.

here is a link:,-Silicone-an/c11_1189/index.html

Customers have found “Permatex flowable silicone windshield sealer” also to be good:

also may find more similar glue in your local store or online shop.

or if only a small rupture, you can repair it by yourself. It’s very easy, now I’ll tell you how to repair it .

1 step;

First prepare silicone adhesive, and mending tools

2 step;

Clean the damaged surface, and avoid leaving stains so it will not affect the appearance.

3 step;

Then coated with a layer of glue evenly on both interface surfaces.

4 step ;

Finally coated with a thin layer of glue on the surface

5 step;

After about half an hour the glue will be dry, and we finished the mending.

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