166cm-175cm Sex Dolls

Perfect lover 166cm-175cm realistic sex dolls for men

If you are looking for your prefect lover, 166cm -175cm real life sex dolls are your best choice. The 166cm love dolls, 167cm adult dolls, 168cm real life sex dolls, 170cm sex dolls and 171cm love dolls,173cm sex dolls belongs to a taller adult sex toy.

These sex dolls are mature, sexy and very attractive for men. If you do not find your favorite perfect love dolls here, we also provide custom life size doll service for you. Just need a picture, you will own your perfect dream lover.

Showing all 24 results

Showing all 24 results

The bodies of under 140cm sex dolls are easier to posture in a number of situations, and because these life size sex dolls are lighter and more flexible than dolls of real height, you can explore more positions during intercourse.

By choosing 159cm-165cm sex dolls for men, you can attain a range of postures for a more realistic, thrilling, and natural sexual experience!

If you purchase one of the 166cm-175cm love dolls, you may explore and enjoy the sexual intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex possibilities as long as you have an endless amount of time.

166cm-175cm sex dolls are the most lifelike. Full and luscious breasts or a small chest, a tight butt, or a big, thick bottom to hold! Custom sex dolls available!