Closed Eyes Sex Dolls

Emotional Closed Eyes Sex Doll Have A Face That Portrays Shacking Orgasm

Women tend to close their eyes and make tempting gasps as they orgasm during sex. This is why men have special fantasies about the lady with their eyes closed. If a closed eyes sex doll has an orgasmic expression and a very sexy body with big tits, it’s a perfect match.

You have a fetish deep in your heart – closed eyes sex doll? Now you can have a eyes closed sex doll to fulfill your dream. Our eyes-closed sex doll is ready for you. You bring this beautiful lady home, start fucking your favorite postion on her.

Closed-Eye Sex Doll from ZLDoll, the highlight of love doll is that she comes with closed-Eye and can’t open eyes, looks very realistic If you don t look closer, you will think She is intoxicated with the orgasm of sex.

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Showing all 4 results

Closed Eyes Silicone &TPE Sex Doll a perfect example of orgasm sex doll. She has a beautiful face, comes with a so curve body. Her closed eyes expression is a killing part. If you have a Yellow fever, you probably want to give her a try. Looking at her tempting closed eyes face, you will feel like pounding her harder. Sadly, she has not tried something hard before, and is wanting to try. You can try to give her the deepest thrust, she will love it. This is a rare charming face comes with closed eyes. You can give your doll an interesting new face that you have barely seen before. Lifelike looking, not only looks pretty in pictures but better in real!