170cm Big Breast Asian Super Sexy Top Model Lady
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170cm Big Breast Asian Super Sexy Top Model Lady


(22 customer reviews)


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Meet Model Lady! 100% solid medical silicone material TPE
Realistic sex – 
These dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These dolls have real-life simulation vagina, anal and mouth openings for making your pleasure realistically possible. The experience is like having sex with a full-sized partner, but with the advantage of a full-body view of her during intercourse. It’s very much like the full view you wish you had during sex, but couldn’t …until now. 


Skin material: medical silicone material TPE
Inside: TPE with a metal skeleton
Weight : 35kg 
Height : 170cm
Hole: Vagina and anus sex, oral sex 
Vagina depth: 18cm ,Anal depth: 17cm, Oral depth: 13cm

Package includes:
1* LOVE Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie.Sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot

Why buy your sex doll from ZlDoll store?

Our sex dolls are created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. These love sex dolls have real-life simulation vaginal opening for making your pleasure realistically possible. the experience is like having sex with a real girl, so soft real skin feeling. Our real sex dolls arouse your naughty side and help fulfill your dirty fantasies.

Note: Please keep in mind these dolls are not an inflatable doll or cheap blowup dolls. We take great pride in making realistic, lifelike sex dolls with a body that is a perfect match to a real girl’s body inside and outside. Please be aware and cautious from scammers who try to make you purchase their silicone love doll for more less money.


Guarantee: You will get 100% same as below picture dolls.





22 reviews for 170cm Big Breast Asian Super Sexy Top Model Lady

  1. Russell

    Excellent service, amazingly fast shipping!
    Shop with confidence with these guys. They were quick to answer the questions I had, and had the doll to me in about 4 days!! They swapped the eyes for me and all the makeup was nicely done. As a seller of these dolls, I would 100% buy from these guys again.

    As far as the model of doll itself:
    The only downsides are the wig – but a $15 on Amazon was a cheap and easy upgrade. The wig that came with wasn’t that bad, but the front seam was too obvious. Other than that it’s a decent wig.

    She articulates very well showing off her ass, the curve of her back is very nice. She hinges at mid back so when you arch her back forward, you can go from sexy back to sexy stomach (as if she’s doing crunches). She’s amazingly articulate in her poses, as the pictures well demonstrate. Cuddling up in bed with her is a real joy, and feels like a real girl laying there.
    The standing option is interesting. She will stand but you need to spend about 5 minutes fiddling until she will on her own.

    The holes are all very nice and each feels different from the others, which is realistic and adds variety.

    Overall very satisfied with this doll, and 100% satisfied with this seller. Buy in confidence!

  2. Jay

    I got this doll a month ago, and since then, all my sex demands have been satisfied. Due to my introversion and lack of interest in casual encounters, possessing this doll truly benefited me. I adore having her around. It seems as though I actually have a girlfriend.

  3. Bruno V

    When she finally arrived could not believe how life like she was and how much she felt like a real woman.Sex doll is amazing in touch feeling, I fall in love with her !

  4. Tel

    It seems much heavier than it actually is because of how soft it is and how the weight gets distributed. Front entrance is best for average and above sizes and features a more mild design for longer play sessions. The back entrance is smaller and offers a more Intense experience.

  5. Anonymous

    Good quality, just as described and promptly shipped!

  6. Mary

    My husband loves this product we use it as four play as if. My husband also loved the tightness of the vagina, he said he felt bigger.t were real. I love the texture of it and he loves the tightness of her vagina. I recommend this to a man who wants threesomes but your girl won’t let it happen. Its very realistic and can make your sex life improve in ways u never thought of.

  7. Harper

    She has a great Body, Very soft, easy to find good clothing for her because of her size, She is a bit heavy but nothing wrong with some exercise. She is like a real woman as far as size goes and that is what I wanted. I am very pleased with her.

  8. Wheeler

    This is an amazing product, healthy material with proper weight, soft and elastic, these made more feeling, a realistic one.

  9. Steph

    The toy is made out of what seems to be TPE or Silicone for a very realistic skin-feel.. this isn’t hard plastic or rubber. That’s a good thing!

  10. Randy S

    This toy is too awesome. It feels so real and soft, and has a great flexibility and weight to it.

  11. Jan Go

    My Therapy Doll Elva

  12. Scott Shaver

    Great product and excellent service!

  13. Delton Jones

    The doll is very beautiful and sexy

  14. Zachary

    Love this little girl ,Excellent item & service. Many thanks

  15. FRED

    So far, so good. Enjoying this product

  16. recuerda

    The material is also very nice,this is a great alternative,bring you the most pleasing sexual experience.

  17. Jeff

    Best toy ever! Every man should own one.

  18. maurice rice

    Worth it. Very good product.

  19. Eric

    I was surprised on how almost real it is. Good feel. No disappointments here.

  20. Saluki1981

    After I broke up with my girlfriend I got the best gift ever from this seller. Thank you .i love my doll.

  21. FRED

    Answer questions quickly, good service attitude, the most important thing is the quality of the doll is good.

  22. Laurie Scuccimarri

    Purchased for my hubbs after reading reviews…I figured I would buy him a little something since I bought myself two new toys lol he loves it and I’m glad…its a win win situation lol

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