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Advantages of ZlDoll.com Solid TPE Silicone Sex doll

Posted on 15th Jun 2015 @ 3:48 PM

Solid full body sex dolls are usually made of TPE. Qualified TPE dolls are food grade,non-smell, soft, elastic and feels like real person. Inner structure of full solid dolls are usually made of metal skeleton. Therefore it is much more nature and realistic compared with other adult masturbates. Well, what are the advantages of solid sex doll and sex with dolls.   158cm silicone love doll  1. The material is nontoxic and environmental friendly, and the skin touches realistic.

Image 2

  2.Various postures are available, some even are mistakenly treated as real persons. While there are some low price sex dolls in market, they are fake for sure.

  3. Various using way are possible. You can treat the doll as a lover, girl friend, or just a toy for sex.

  If you want to know more details or ask for some advice on sex dolls, please feel free to contact me at www.zldoll.com.

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