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How to Take Proper Care of Silicone Love Dolls ¨C 3 New Tips

Every product can serve you with its services for more than its expected life, if it is properly taken care of and maintained in good condition. Similar is the case with the love dolls. They can keep fulfilling your sexual desires, if you take proper care of them. Apart from this, maintaining their condition is also necessary from your health perspective. So, you must be very considerate about this matter.

As you know that these sex dolls have orifices for sexual pleasure, therefore, cleaning them after every sexual session is very important, in order to avoid bacterial and fungal growth. So, here are some tips that you should keep in mind –

1. Handle and Store It Properly  

First of all, you need to make sure that you handle the doll very carefully. Even while having sex, do not put much stress on the joints of the doll, as this may cause damage to the doll. Also, do not store the doll at one place for a huge span of time, as this may cause spots and make the butts and breasts very flat.

2. Cleaning  

After your sex session with the doll is over, clean it with lukewarm water. If you want, you can also use mild detergent for the cleaning purpose. But, make sure that during the cleaning of the doll, the originality of the skin doesn’t get damaged.

3. Keep a Puncture Kit

With passing time, you may find punctures in different parts of the doll’s body. Hence, it becomes important to use a puncture kit and clean those sites. This will increase the durability of mini real silicone love dolls and will save it from further damages.

Using these simple tricks, your favourite doll will always remain as beautiful as it was on the very first day, you saw her. She will never get old, if you keep proper care of the doll. This implies that the doll will be able to satisfy your wild desires for long, without posing any harm to your health.


The realistic Silicone Love Dolls are very delicate in nature. Hence, they must be taken proper care of and must be maintained in good condition.

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